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Plant Propagation Techniques.

Pineapple plant propagation techniques can be done by means of vegetative and generative. Ways vegetative shoots can be used is the root, stem buds, fruit buds, fruit crown, stem cuttings and by means of in vitro culture. Method of in vitro culture is usually used to produce a uniform crop seeds in bulk. While generative way with beans grown with persemaian.Kualitas good seed must come from plants whose growth is normal, Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercayahealthy and free of pests and diseases.

Propagation pineapple plant seeds that will be written here is from the stem and seeds sprout from cuttings.

         Seeds Shoots Batang.ratif. Method used is vegetative root buds, bud stems, buds of fruit, fruit crown and stem cuttings. Generative way with seeds that are grown with the nursery, (rarely used). Good quality seeds which must come from plants that grow normal, healthy and free of pests and diseases.
1) Requirements Seed
Seedlings that both should have leaves that seem full of thick, pest and disease free, easily available in quantities much, relatively uniform growth as well as easily within the transport mostly for seedling stem cuttings. Bud stem and stem cuttings.
2) Preparation of Seed
Pineapple seed from seed (generative) is rarely used because it requires special techniques and some kind of pineapple can not self-pollinating and do not produce seeds. Vegetative propagation (root buds) has a special feature: shoots that grow from the trunk which is located in within the soil, the number of shoots per clump relatively little root, leaf shape is more slender, root buds adolescence is relatively short. Another way of vegetative (stem buds) discrete shoots that grow from the stem and the number of shoots per clump is relatively small. Stem shoots discrete shoots that grow on the stem of the fruit under fruit stalk and the stem above the bud, number of fruits per plant shoots relatively large up to 10 buds and bud size that varies depending on plant growth. For vegetative means with the crown fruit characteristics are shoots grown from buds which lapsed on the stem, and then seeded with a sterile medium within the special treatment and the number of seeds that produced many, uniform, and easily within the transport.
Preparation of seed (seed) For the pineapple plant seedling shoots differentiated into stems and seeds pineapple from cuttings. Seedling shoots stem: selecting buds on tree trunks which were fruitful parent / after harvest. Shoots fine day is a long stem 30-35 cm. The leaves near the base of the tree is cut For reducing evaporation and easier transportation, then leave for a few days in the shade and seedlings ready to transport to the planting directly planted immediately.
To prepare pineapple seedlings from cuttings, which dilakuakan first step is to cut the stem of pineapple fruit that has been harvested along the 2.5 cm, then the pieces split into 4 sections which contain buds. Seedling media in the form of clean sand within tub planting. Resultant seedlings 25-35 cm tall or revoked 3-5 months old, planted in the garden. When the seedlings to be transported within a distance, its roots wrapped in moist humus.
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Seed that is prepared to be adapted to growing areas. Crop density ranges between 44000-77000 ideal 

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