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Multiplication of seeds for rootstock

Multiplication of seeds for rootstock seeds are going to be used as seed taken from an old well-filled fruit pulp with 5-6 segments of 1-2 segments of well-seeds, not broken, weigh a minimum of one gram & top seed at least 75%. Fruit taken from the tree well-aged at least 10 years old.
         To manufacture the seeds by means connection required rootstock & shoot (entres) who healthy. Rootstock seedlings from seed is more than two years old with a trunk diameter of 0.5 cm & green skin brown.
     completion of Seed
         Multiplication of seeds for rootstock for removing pulp, soaked fruit dip net for 1 week (two days once the water is replaced) until the slime & mold wasted. Seed peels & seeds washed itself clean up. Dip the pieces into Benlate fungicide concentration 3 g / L for 2-5 minutes. Keringanginkan seed in the shade for a few days
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         Shoot for the connection form shoots (a book) who is still young leaves from the parent tree well-superior & healthy. Two weeks before the field cutlet Connection rootstock & shoots grow regulator substance smeared Adenine / Kinetin with a concentration of 500 ppm for more driving growth.
     Seed sowing technique
         Multiplication by seed-in Embankment Embankment made ​​with widths of 100-120 cm and 60-100 cm spacing Embankment. 30 cm into the soil treated, then mix sand, soil & organic fine (3: 2: 1) evenly. Seedbed given thatch / palm leaf height 150-175 cm East side & West side of 10-125 cm. Seeds planted about in the planting hole measuring 10 x 10 cm with spacing 3 x 3 cm & 5 cm line spacing at a depth of 0.5-1.0 cm. Cover the seeds with soil & Embankment further covered with wet burlap sacks or straw thickness of 3 cm. Seedbed watered 1-2 times a day, given urea & SP-36 respectively 2 g / plant every month. After 1 year of age, seedlings transferred to smb polybag size 20 x 30 cm contains a mixture of soil & compost / manure (1: 1). Seeds are kept until 2 years old & ready cultivated field / rootstock used in Connection.
         Sowing & about in the polybag nursery measuring 20 x 30 cm. One / two seeds are sown about in polybag 20 x 30 cm well-riddled essentially small at 0.5-1.0 cm depth. Planting media in the form of a mixture of finely ground, compost / manure & fine sand (1: 1: 1). Keep in polybags Embankment well-ringed side board / bamboo blade so polybag collapsing. Seedbed watered 1-2 days once & rated urea & SP-36 by 2-3 g / plant every month. Seeds are kept until 2 years old & ready for planting in the field or used as a rootstock in Connection.
         Multiplication of shoots Agen Judi Poker Domino 99 Online dengan Bonus CashBack 0,3% dan Bonus Referral 20% Connection: Connection Now how shoots are as follows:
             Cut the material under high 15-25 cm from the base of the neck and make slits in the ends of the stems 3-5 cm.

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