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Senin, 29 September 2014

Then the material was put

Then the material was put into sterile wisata pulau pari plastic pressed-press while little by little, to note that the materials should be included as dense as possible to optimize the results. The more dense material in a plastic bag so the more oyster mushroom production, to be sure that the entry materials must be completely solid. Add ring PVC or bamboo strips on top of the plastic bag before finally closed using a plug of cotton and tied with a heat-resistant rubber. How to install PVC rings or pieces of bamboo in cultivation this is by installing PVC or bamboo strips on top of the plastic, and enter all parts of the tip into the hole peralon plastic or bamboo strips, pull firmly and then fold the ends of the plastic that has been entered into the hole PVC or bamboo pieces towards the outer side. After that, with strong plastic tie. As an illustration, the BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOT end result of the process of how to install the gutter or bamboo pieces are the end there is a hole baglog peralon or bamboo strips as the emergence of oyster mushrooms.

After sterilization of materials, process media sterilization is sterilization baglog next planting. Sterilization baglog on cultivation can be done by two methods: sterilization using an autoclave or heating baglog / Steamer and sterilization using oil drums. Method of sterilization can be adapted conditions, respectively, each method has its advantages and its own drawbacks. In principle, two ways this can create an environment conducive to the growth of oyster mushroom.

Senin, 22 September 2014

Multiplication of seeds for rootstock

Multiplication of seeds for rootstock seeds are going to be used as seed taken from an old well-filled fruit pulp with 5-6 segments of 1-2 segments of well-seeds, not broken, weigh a minimum of one gram & top seed at least 75%. Fruit taken from the tree well-aged at least 10 years old.
         To manufacture the seeds by means connection required rootstock & shoot (entres) who healthy. Rootstock seedlings from seed is more than two years old with a trunk diameter of 0.5 cm & green skin brown.
     completion of Seed
         Multiplication of seeds for rootstock for removing pulp, soaked fruit dip net for 1 week (two days once the water is replaced) until the slime & mold wasted. Seed peels & seeds washed itself clean up. Dip the pieces into Benlate fungicide concentration 3 g / L for 2-5 minutes. Keringanginkan seed in the shade for a few days
RwIndo.COM Live Taruhan Judi Online Terpercaya Judi Bola Casino Slots Casino Togel Online Indonesia until the rate of 12-14% water.
         Shoot for the connection form shoots (a book) who is still young leaves from the parent tree well-superior & healthy. Two weeks before the field cutlet Connection rootstock & shoots grow regulator substance smeared Adenine / Kinetin with a concentration of 500 ppm for more driving growth.
     Seed sowing technique
         Multiplication by seed-in Embankment Embankment made ​​with widths of 100-120 cm and 60-100 cm spacing Embankment. 30 cm into the soil treated, then mix sand, soil & organic fine (3: 2: 1) evenly. Seedbed given thatch / palm leaf height 150-175 cm East side & West side of 10-125 cm. Seeds planted about in the planting hole measuring 10 x 10 cm with spacing 3 x 3 cm & 5 cm line spacing at a depth of 0.5-1.0 cm. Cover the seeds with soil & Embankment further covered with wet burlap sacks or straw thickness of 3 cm. Seedbed watered 1-2 times a day, given urea & SP-36 respectively 2 g / plant every month. After 1 year of age, seedlings transferred to smb polybag size 20 x 30 cm contains a mixture of soil & compost / manure (1: 1). Seeds are kept until 2 years old & ready cultivated field / rootstock used in Connection.
         Sowing & about in the polybag nursery measuring 20 x 30 cm. One / two seeds are sown about in polybag 20 x 30 cm well-riddled essentially small at 0.5-1.0 cm depth. Planting media in the form of a mixture of finely ground, compost / manure & fine sand (1: 1: 1). Keep in polybags Embankment well-ringed side board / bamboo blade so polybag collapsing. Seedbed watered 1-2 days once & rated urea & SP-36 by 2-3 g / plant every month. Seeds are kept until 2 years old & ready for planting in the field or used as a rootstock in Connection.
         Multiplication of shoots Agen Judi Poker Domino 99 Online dengan Bonus CashBack 0,3% dan Bonus Referral 20% Connection: Connection Now how shoots are as follows:
             Cut the material under high 15-25 cm from the base of the neck and make slits in the ends of the stems 3-5 cm.

Minggu, 07 September 2014

yhdessä maanmuokkaus

yhdessä maanmuokkaus. Päätarkoituksena lannoitus on parantaa maan rakennetta. Epäorgaanisten lannoitteiden annetaan tasosta riippuen maaperän hedelmällisyyttä. Yleisesti suositeltu annos lannoitetta kassava kasvit ovat:

Urea: 60-120 kg hl / ha
TSP: 30 kg P205 / ha
KCL: K20 50 kg / ha
Menetelmä lannoitus ovat:

Peruslannoitteiden: kolmas annos Urea, KCL. Ja kaikki annokset P (TSP) saadaan aikaan istutus
Täydentävät lannoite: 2/3 osaa ureaa ja KCL annos annettiin aikaan tehdas oli 3-4 kuukautta
Laitosten ylläpitoon on tehtävä saada terveitä kasveja, hyvä, yhtenäinen ja saada korkean tuoton. Huolto kassava ovat:

Ompelemalla. Jos on kassava kasveja, jotka Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya kuolevat tai kasvavat hyvin onneton uudelleenistutusvelvoitetta olisi tehtävä välittömästi. Aika uudelleenistutettaviksi viimeistään 5 viikkoa istutuksen jälkeen.
Kitkeminen ja Pembumbunan. Kitkeminen tapahtuu, kun se alkoi näyttää olemassaolosta rikkakasveja (kasvintuhoojien). Toinen kitkeminen tehty 2-3 kuukautta vanha kassava kerralla tekemällä pembumbunan. Pembumbunan tehnyt parantaa maan rakennetta niin, että kassava voidaan kasvattaa täydellisyyttä, vahvistaa kasveja, jotta se ei putoa.
Hävittäminen versoja. Suoritetaan 1-1,5 kuukautta istutuksen jälkeen, kun kasvit kasvavat yli kaksi versoja.
Kassava myös trooppisia kasveja, mutta voi myös sopeutua ja kasvaa hyvin subtrooppisilla alueilla. Yleensä nämä kasvit eivät vaadi ilmasto spesifinen kasvu. Kuitenkin, kassava kasvaa

Selasa, 05 Agustus 2014

Plant Propagation Techniques.

Pineapple plant propagation techniques can be done by means of vegetative and generative. Ways vegetative shoots can be used is the root, stem buds, fruit buds, fruit crown, stem cuttings and by means of in vitro culture. Method of in vitro culture is usually used to produce a uniform crop seeds in bulk. While generative way with beans grown with persemaian.Kualitas good seed must come from plants whose growth is normal, Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercayahealthy and free of pests and diseases.

Propagation pineapple plant seeds that will be written here is from the stem and seeds sprout from cuttings.

         Seeds Shoots Batang.ratif. Method used is vegetative root buds, bud stems, buds of fruit, fruit crown and stem cuttings. Generative way with seeds that are grown with the nursery, (rarely used). Good quality seeds which must come from plants that grow normal, healthy and free of pests and diseases.
1) Requirements Seed
Seedlings that both should have leaves that seem full of thick, pest and disease free, easily available in quantities much, relatively uniform growth as well as easily within the transport mostly for seedling stem cuttings. Bud stem and stem cuttings.
2) Preparation of Seed
Pineapple seed from seed (generative) is rarely used because it requires special techniques and some kind of pineapple can not self-pollinating and do not produce seeds. Vegetative propagation (root buds) has a special feature: shoots that grow from the trunk which is located in within the soil, the number of shoots per clump relatively little root, leaf shape is more slender, root buds adolescence is relatively short. Another way of vegetative (stem buds) discrete shoots that grow from the stem and the number of shoots per clump is relatively small. Stem shoots discrete shoots that grow on the stem of the fruit under fruit stalk and the stem above the bud, number of fruits per plant shoots relatively large up to 10 buds and bud size that varies depending on plant growth. For vegetative means with the crown fruit characteristics are shoots grown from buds which lapsed on the stem, and then seeded with a sterile medium within the special treatment and the number of seeds that produced many, uniform, and easily within the transport.
Preparation of seed (seed) For the pineapple plant seedling shoots differentiated into stems and seeds pineapple from cuttings. Seedling shoots stem: selecting buds on tree trunks which were fruitful parent / after harvest. Shoots fine day is a long stem 30-35 cm. The leaves near the base of the tree is cut For reducing evaporation and easier transportation, then leave for a few days in the shade and seedlings ready to transport to the planting directly planted immediately.
To prepare pineapple seedlings from cuttings, which dilakuakan first step is to cut the stem of pineapple fruit that has been harvested along the 2.5 cm, then the pieces split into 4 sections which contain buds. Seedling media in the form of clean sand within tub planting. Resultant seedlings 25-35 cm tall or revoked 3-5 months old, planted in the garden. When the seedlings to be transported within a distance, its roots wrapped in moist humus.
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Seed that is prepared to be adapted to growing areas. Crop density ranges between 44000-77000 ideal 

Selasa, 22 Juli 2014

Faras Carabta. Fardo Carabta ayaa ku soo dhici karta

Faras Carabta. Fardo Carabta ayaa ku soo dhici karta in laga Masar, laakiin waxaa la soo saaray iyadoo Carabi si ay u gaarto qaabka uu hadda. Markaas in loo hagaajiyaa iyo dhaqanka ee Mareykanka tan iyo xilligii gumeysiga. Sifooyin socodyada faraska Carabta Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya aa xawaaraha uu adkaysi (madaale) iyo qurux. Faras Tan waxaa sidoo kale loo yaqaan isagoo nooca-caanood, waxa ay u muuqataa sidii saaxiibtinimo (dhagan) aadanaha (Blakely iyo Bade, 1992).

Horse Hockney. Farac ka mid ah geenyo ee Riti Thoroughbred denagn disilagnkan hooyo Britain ee deegaanka Norfolk ah. Ummadani asalkeeda ah faras-fuul, laakiin sidoo kale sida Ronie ah (Blakely iyo Bade, 1992) loo isticmaalo.
Fardo Thoroughbred. Faras Thoroughbred waxaa soo saaray qoyska boqortooyada Ingiriiska ka hor inta aan laga keeno gudaha dalka Mareykanka. Sababo la isticmaalo ee UK, ereyga "sport Boqor" u timid, waayo mara Ingiriiska, rag iyo dumarba jinsi faras ku dhasho iyo tani waa muuqaal fiican. Waxaa intaas dheer in sirdoonka, sifo u taagnayd waa xawaaraha orodka iyo dulqaadashada (Blakely iyo Bade, 1992).

Welsh Excess faras. Welsh fardo qaranka ka yimid Wales. Meelaha culus, Dhirta buuraleyda oo ay dadku ku yahay xulashada dabiiciga ah si ay kaliya ugu wada fiican oo keliya ku noolaan kartaa. Qaranku waa xoogaa ka badan Islands Shetland oo sidoo kale loo yaqaano faras waxaan jirin loogu show ah oo inta badan soo gudbey la Thoroughbred. Inta badan tilmaamay tababare ahaan faras yar, tartanka fardaha sidoo kale faa'iido u, lo'da ka shaqeeya iyo ugaarsadaan (Blakely iyo Bade, 1992).

JAGADPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYATIXRAACYADA - Dhawaaqa ee chirping kala duwan oo aan ahayn oo keliya hal. - Haddii on track la gadhka kale cucak, ma ngeleper (oo gariira garabka). - Haddii uu mar hore si fiican u habaysan, gadhka Ragow Cucak aan xiiso leh haddii fooding dheeraad ah oo xad dhaaf ah. - The more symmetrical labadaba muuqaal u eg ka madaxa, dhabarka iyo dabadaba. - Color xabadka dheeraad ah oo u badan midabka jaalaha. 2 Sifooyinka Cucak Beard Dumarka - Dhawaaqa ee hadaaqda oo hal wax ka badan oo u badan dhawaaqa besetan / ngesrek ah. - Haddii on track la gadhka kale cucak, gaar ahaan la gadhka Ragow cucak, baalasha ngeleper doonaa. - Haddii uu mar hore si fiican u habaysan, dumar ka dhigi doonaa wax ukun gadhka Cucak, gaar ahaan haddii ay ka farxiyay la fooding dheeraad ah. -. Qaab Body waa ka yar symmetrical - Xabadka Color dheeraad ah oo u badan midabka cad la barbar dhigo midabka jaalaha. Fadlan la soco in sifooyinka waxay cucak gadhka iyo Ragow sifooyin dumarka cucak gadhka kor ku salaysan yahay oo keliya waayo-aragnimo ee inta badan ciyaartoyda shimbirta. Doodda in ama aan sax ah, isku day monggo sideeda ah. AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAWaxaa laga yaabaa in ay waxtar.

Jumat, 18 Juli 2014

¿Alguna vez escuchó el nombre de los granos de arábiga?

 ¿Alguna vez escuchó el nombre de los granos de arábiga? Las plantas que entran en la tribu de las legumbres es muy famoso en la región árabe. En el mundo Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercayade la ciencia, esta planta es conocida como Cicerarietinum, que es una de las más antiguas plantas cultivadas desde hace cientos de siglos. Según se informa frijol árabe ya es de 7.500 años! Este bean árabe tiene muchos nombres, uno de los cuales es también popular es el pistacho o Fustuk. Estos granos se dividen en dos tipos a saber desi cacahuete con un tamaño más pequeño, akag de color oscuro, de textura áspera piel y ampliamente cultivadas en la India, México también Irán. Smenetara segundo tipo árabe de frijol es kabuli. Él es un color más claro, más de gran tamaño y textura de la piel suave. Árabe tipo de grano que también se encuentra en la principal del sur de Europa, norte de África, Chile, Afganistán y muchos otros. Frijol mungo (Vigna radiata) es un alimento que se consume ampliamente por el público en general, además de arroz. Judías verdes también son muy dados a los niños menores de cinco años debido a su contenido de nutrientes y la digestibilidad. Mung harina de harina de frijol y mezclar el arroz, respectivamente 50% es muy bueno para los niños pequeños debido al consumo del contenido de lisina y aminoácidos de azufre muy armoniosas. Debido a su uso en la comunidad es alto, entonces las judías verdes tienen un nivel suficientemente alto de necesidad. Con las técnicas de cultivo y de siembra son relativamente fáciles de cultivo de frijol verde tiene buenas perspectivas para convertirse en oportunidad de negocio agroindustrial. Hosting Unlimited dan Domain Murah Terbaik di Indonesia  En general, las judías verdes crecen generalmente en campos de arroz durante la estación seca, después del arroz u otros cultivos. Las judías verdes tienen una ventaja sobre otros cultivos, a saber:

duración temprana (55-65 días)

más tolerante a la sequía con la necesidad de agua
creciente judías verdes es relativamente pequeño, es decir, 700-900 mm / año. En
la lluvia es menor de lo que era capaz de crecer porque
arraigada en Agen Judi Bola SBOBET IBCBET Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014
se puede cultivar en tierras menos fértiles y
la fertilidad del suelo debido bersimbiose con Rhizobium y rendimiento
Cuánta biomasa (11-12 t / ha)

Minggu, 13 Juli 2014

Mycelium likaha Oyster koraa fiican

Mycelium likaha Oyster koraa fiican loogama mugdi ah. Waxa sidan ka duwan, jirkooda fruiting fangas aan korin karo mugdiga. Light baahan yahay si loo kiciyo koritaanka jirkooda fruiting. Caws likaha Small kori doono iyo u koraan si aan caadi ahayn marka aad JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAsho hadda looma helid waraabiyo koritaanka waxay qiraysaa xidhiidh.
Si kastaba ha ahaatee, iftiinka qoraxda si toos ah dhex gelin kara oo keeni kara kelayuan dhaawac, iyo sidoo kale xajmiga yar oo aad daboosho. Koritaanka aad caato u baahan doonaa oo kaliya iftiin qabaailka. Sidaa darteed, dhirta hooska loo baahan yahay u dhow dhismayaasha meesha dayactir caaryada.
4. The Air
Likaha Oyster waa saprophyte warshad facultative xeryahooda laylinta sebangai oo u baahan ogsijiin koritaanka. Air wareegga si loo hubiyo in sahayda siman ee ogsijiin. Sahayda Limited hawada ogsijiinta hareeraha meesha faragalin ku samayn kara koritaanka fangas si ay u koraan jirkooda fruiting.
Boqoshaada Oyster waxaa sidoo kale lagu beero meelo in hawada ogsijiinta leedahay yar oo ah meydadka fruiting iyo aan caadi ahayn. Jirkooda fruiting fangas ku kora meelaha ay ka maqan oksisgen si fudud oo engegi doonaan, oo way dhintaan. Boqoshaada Oyster ayaa sidoo kale u baahan tahay wareeg hawo koritaanka. Sidaas darteed, waa in la gasho hawo si ay hawada iyo sidoo kale maamula karo.
Koritaanka mycelium fangas loo baahan yahay content dioxide kaarboon waa halkii sare, tusaale ahaan 15% -20%. Si kastaba ha ahaatee, boqoshaada lohod koraya isla goobta ku jirto träning dioxide oo aad u sarreeya si ay leedahay jirkooda fruiting aan caadi ahayn. Caadi ahaan, lohod likaha cap tumbuuh yar marka la barbar dhigo jirida. JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA5. Shahaadooyinka of aysidhka (pH)
Mycelium likaha Oyster fiican loogama koraa at pH ah in uu dhex-dhexaad ka yara acidic, taas oo ah inta u dhaxaysa 5.0 si 6.5. Qiimaha PH ee dhexdhexaad ah lagama maarmaanka ah waxaa loogu talagalay soo-saarka ee lohod-shiid likaha, sida wax soo saarka ee acids organic.
Xaaladaha asiidka waxay keeni kartaa koritaanka ama maqalkoodu of mycelium likaha lohod, koraan faddarayn uu keeno fangaska kale, iyo xataa dhimasho sababi of likaha lohod. PH waa mid aad u sareeya (cawaaqib xumadoodu waxay), waxay keeni kartaa habka dheefshiidka of likaha lohod cad oo aan wax ku ool. Dhab ahaantii, sababta keentay dhimashada. Jirkooda Fruiting of likaha lohod fiican loogama koraa at lingkungdn pH dhow caadi ah (pH 6.8 si 7.0).
Dhaqan ahaan, in Japan, miraha ku beeray godka ama taliye ee alwaax qalla JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAlan. Qalajinta waxaa loo sameeyaa tamarta qorraxda ama korontada. In beerashada modrn, dhexdhexaad ah u koraya loo isticmaalo foomka oo qoryo aan dabiici ahayn (diiwaankaas) waxa la sameeyaa qaab a cylindrical. Halabuurka waxay ku ah kuwan ilaha warbaahinta sida qoryaha (sida balka, bagasse), il of sokor (istaarji), lime, P bacriminta, iyo biyaha.

Kamis, 10 Juli 2014

Predecible, cuando su popularidad

Predecible, cuando su popularidad se disparan, más y más personas persiguiendo hormigas nido. De hecho, durante la magra productores continuidad de la proJOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya ducción de la generosidad natural. Para los consumidores también tienen que tener cuidado porque los hormigueros son fácilmente falsificados, en forma de aserrín ordinaria marrón negruzco. La actitud era necesario porque las oportunidades de las hormigas de nidos como una enorme drogas.

"Dada esta evidencia empírica Ants Nest es una nueva fuente de drogas. Lote de nuevos compuestos de origen desconocido (tipo) con alta actividad", dijo el Dr. Muhammad Ahkam Subroto. Por lo tanto muchas personas que anhelan un pick hormiguero sa
JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya na como una forma de tratamiento.

(Fuente:.. El libro "ataque de la enfermedad con las hormigas nido" autor Dr. Ir. Ahkam Subroto, Hendro Saputro)

Senin, 07 Juli 2014

Suministros de Negocios

Suministros de Negocios
Equipo del asunto que debería tener casi el mismo con el equipo de negocio culinario en general. Debe meiliki cesta o tienda, utensilios de cocina (komporgasa, cilindros de gas, olla, colador ukuranbesar millas etc), vajilla (cuchara, tenedor, vaso, etc), mesas y sillas, así como otros equipos tabahan.
Badak88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014
Precio USD
Carritos o escaparates
Utensilios de cocina
Cubiertos 500000-800000
Mesas y Sillas
Suministros Adicionales

Las pequeñas empresas fideos realmente puede hacer usted mismo sin la ayuda de los empleados. Pero si su pequeña empresa ha crecido no te haga daño a designar a un empleado, el empleado le ayudará a servir a los clientes de modo que usted pueda centrarse en la preparación de los fideos. Los sueldos de los empleados pueden ser de entre 600.000 rupias - RP 1000000

Badak88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014promoción
En general, para las empresas que utilizan un carro alrededor de los fideos que no necesita hacer demasiado promoción, basta con instalar los fideos de marca con un gran cartel en el vagón o poner en marcha sus pancartas lo general están colgados. Sentido de fideos por lo general se convierten en una gran promoción que determina sus clientes vuelvan. En cuanto a los que venden a la caseta abierta, entonces usted puede hacer una gran pancarta en parejas alrededor de su lugar de trabajo, la distribución de volantes y folletos también se puede hacer con un cierto descuento señuelo señuelo durante un determinado período.

Precio Bakmi
Los fideos se venden de una manera general se venden por alrededor de 6.000 Rp - 7.000 rupias. En cuanto a los fideos se venden en los quioscos se puede apreciar sobre RP 7000 - 10.000 rupias. Incluso si usted puede crear fideos usted puede estar en la parte superior del precio de venta de 10.000 rupias como setas fideos (fideos receta de setas pollo)

Riesgos de Negocio
Fuerte competencia son los riesgos de negoc
JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya io de fideos porque casi todos los rincones de este lugar empresas existentes. Sin embargo, su oportunidad de negocio es aún muy grande, sobre todo porque este negocio nunca morirá. Seleccione un lugar que todavía es un poco de un competidor, la calidad, el sabor y el precio de sus fideos afectarán y determinar si su negocio puede sobrevivir o no.

Kamis, 03 Juli 2014

Kalimantan region is largely a peat soil, it has the potential

Kalimantan region is largely a peat soil, it has the potential to be developed as a regional agri-horticulture. One of them is the cultivation of pineapple.
Fri, 13/05/2011 - 17:31 | by dwi.bptpkalbar

Pineapple is one of the leading natural resources of West Kalimantan that has comparative and competitive advantages as a source of local revenue.

Pineapple development center in West Kalimantan, Pontianak District and is in Kubu Raya District, supported the establishment of PT pineapple processing plant. Saribumi agro-industry.

The problem faced by the supply of raw materials from farmers still below 30%, so it has not been fulfilled.

Cultivation technology by farmers still farm yard with a minimum application of the technology so that the necessary repairs cultivation technology. Technology package recommended pineapple cultivation in peatlands Rasau Jaya III, Kubu Raya regency, West Kalimantan is a spacing of 40 cm x 60 cm, urea 5 g / plant, SP-20, 2.5 g / plant, and KCl 5 g / flowering plants and treatment using Ethrel 40 PGR and observed patterns of farmers as pembanding.Gambut technology is marginal land. But who says that land can not be optimized for agriculture. For example, Slamet Riyadi were able to develop papaya cultivation in peatlands. The result was as sweet as the taste of papaya.

Location Slamet Riyadi garden located in peatlands, JUDI DOMINO, AGEN DOMINO, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA entered in the administrative area Kereng Bangkirai Village, District Sabangau, Palangkaraya. Gardens within about one kilometer of the river Sebangau 1996 he bought three hectares worth USD 16 million.

In 1980-1990, this location is a lot of wilderness ramin trees, lime dragon, and meranti. Tall timber trees reach 25 feet in diameter more than 30 cm. Conditions on average peat thickness reaches one meter. In some places there are up to two meters. Even the condition of the water in the peat swamp forest could be as high as waist size adults.

But since the year 1990-1995 stood managed sirkel H. Junai that can process the wood with a diameter of 35-40 cm. At this age many people are looking Gemor, ie bark as raw material for mosquito coils. Price Gemor when it reaches Rp 28 thousand per quintal. Compare the price Gemor now has reached 950 thousand dollars per quintal.

Peatland condition is getting worse. The rate of destruction of ecosystems run faster since there is a fire. Large fire events in 1993, 1995 and 2007, making more and more damaged peatland ecosystems. Fires scorch many commercial timber, so that the lid and Gemor sirkel were destroyed. After that conditions dominated land tumih trees.

BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA As a result of these fires led to practical forest ecosystems destroyed. Conditions gambutpun thinning thickness of less than 30 cm. In some places still left only one meter.

Jumat, 27 Juni 2014

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) in the form of a tree growing,

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) in the form of a tree growing, long-lived (perennial) with height 7-12 m. Woody stems (lignosus), tall, dirty white, thin skin, rough agen poker online texas poker yang terpercayae. Simpodial branching, branches erect or oblique direction, tend to grow straight and elongated.

Compound leaves, long-stemmed, composed of alternate (alternate), leaf litter odd (imparipinnatus), young leaves are green when young - having grown dark green, ovate leaf shape, length 1-2 cm, width 1-2 cm, limp thin, blunt tip and base (obtusus), flat edge, pertulangan arrangement pinnate (pinnate), upper and lower surfaces Moringa Leaf Powder halus.Bagaimana make
Premium Moringa Leaf Powder

Premium Moringa Leaf Powder "Kelorina"

Many ask, how do I make Moringa leaf powder. Here I describe how processing Moringa leaves in Madura Kelorina Processing Unit. The processing unit is
BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAopen to the public, as a form of transparency to the public, especially Kelorina Leaf Powder users, in order to know exactly how the product is consumed it is made and served.

Premium Moringa Leaf Powder Kelorina made ​​through a long series of processes. The process begins with Moringa cultivation, harvesting and processing of leaf treatment, until the product is hygienic packaging. Moringa leaf processing circuit is much involve the poor, as the shape of our social contribution to the community.

Premium Moringa leaf powder derived from plant leaves Kelorina Kelor cultivated without using chemicals, be it fertilizers and medicines pest exterminator. This ensures the cultivation of organic chemical residues that are far below the threshold harvest the leaves. Fresh Moringa leaves are harvested in the proper time, ie when the content in the leaves are in optimum condition. Fresh leaves are harvested with petiole for good in later processing.

Leaf processing
There are many methods of processing Moringa leaf Moringa Leaf Powder to make. Different processing methods will produce the nutrient content of different end products. In fact, the processing of which one can eliminate all the essential nutrients contained in the value of Moringa leaves.

We realize that people want to consume the main purpose of Moringa Leaf Powder is hoping to benefit from the intake of exceptional nutritional value it contains. Therefore, our main principle in processing Moringa leaves are maintaining their nutritional value Moringa leaves, ranging from harvest until the end of the product packaging

Processing of Moringa leaf Moringa Leaf Powder to make our Premium method, consists of several processing stages as follows: