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Cara Mendapatkan Backlink Berkualitas Gratis, Offpage Optimization

How to Get a Free Backlink with quality . The process of finding backlinks it will be very easy indeed if you have software like Scrapebox , and so that certainly paid Jasa Desain Website  .
We only stay running Application , perform Scrapping Url , Url checking ( DoFollow or NoFollow , Auto Approve or not , etc. ) , and comments are of course also automatically unique .
But your expectations may be destroyed due to the price of the software as it is at least around $ 97 , especially if you do not have the dollar as payment .
Take it easy , you can use the other way is by manual processes . It would be very complicated at all because they have had plenty of time .
If you do not know backlinks , you can learn more in the wikipedia page : http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backlink
Ok , so before you do that I give way to get quality backlinks . A good idea to know in advance what that quality backlinks , please read : What is a quality backlink ?
If you already understand , please follow backlinks how to find my style following .
How to Get Qualified Backlink Ala I , Ma? HidayatHow to Get Quality Backlinks For FreeLooking for free backlink is a paid alternative if you do not have a dollar or can not afford it . OK , so let 's discuss just how do i get backlinks for free .
Some ways you can do are :

Blog Commenting in DoFollow or NoFollow which certainly has a high PageRank .
Trying Guest Post or guest posts .
Build a dummy blog from various blog platforms .
Utilizing Social Bookmarking crowded visitors .
Commenting on the forum anywhere.
So that's 5 ways I often do , let us discuss one by one ...How to Get Backlinks By CommentingYou will get One Way backlinks when using this method . Please follow the following steps ..How to Get Backlinks By Commenting

Please search for blogs you are going to comment on, you should have a high PageRank and a bit of outbound links. DoFollow and NoFollow my opinion does not matter because the link was fixed link .
Please comment on the blog one by one and do not overdo it .
    Pulau pari murah
Berkomentarlah relevant , appropriate to the topic , and still follow the rules on the blog so that the potential elimination of less comments .
Please ping or give more links to those pages that link that you planted indexed faster .
The weakness of this method

It is rare blogs that have a high PageRank does not moderate comments , so you should be well commented in order to approve.
Because many spammers , it could have the blog owner will close the comment box and a link that you planted will be lost .
Blogs that have a high PageRank will mostly very many outbound links on the blog . But it does not matter if the page has a PR above 3 or 4 , let alone 5 or more .
And others.
Guest Post for Finding Qualified BacklinkGuest Post for Finding Qualified Backlink Guest Post or guest post is your offer articles that you create with the site owners . How can be a backlink ? Follow the steps below ..

Look for blogs that offer Guest Post , make sure easy to obtain PageRank blogs on article pages . So that the points backlink
Please make the articles according to the rules made by the admin that can later published in his blog .
In the article that you create , attach a link to your blog in the first paragraph and put the other links is up to in paragraphs how ..
The weakness of this methodIt is rare blogs that offer Guest Post on his blog , let alone that already gets Pagerank . Most of them have been able to write a post yourself or hire the services of the author of the article with their Budget .
Backlink Building a Dummy Blog With Various Platform BlogDummy blog is one way to find backlinks so many newbie bloggers and SEO experts who have . This method could be to do Link Wheel SEO techniques , Link Chain , Link Pyramid , and others . So , let's discuss this one ..

Make at least 6 Blog Dummy from various blog platforms such as Blogger , WordPress , Weebly , Joomla , Drupal , and others .
Create at least 5-10 articles relevant to your blog optimization . Suppose you want to optimize your blog SEO tutorial then create SEO articles are also in the Dummy blgo .
How do I get backlinks ? Make 1 article , put one on your link in the first paragraph with a contextual link , and please find a lot of backlinks to the pages of the blog articles Dummy . Make sure that you can backlinks are from high PR blogs .
The weakness of this method

What is certain is the time , because it must be made ​​a minimum of 6 blog with 5 articles on each blog , obviously it would be very difficult for bloggers who do not have much time .
If you create a link to the blog Dummy rotation , and if you know that wants to manipulate the Google SERP , it would be very risky for your blog Pembuatan Toko Online  ..
And so on ...
Social Bookmark Backlinks and Traffic For FieldSocial Bookmark it like Guest Post , you can post on such sites . You can follow the steps below ..

Look for a minimum of 10 sosbok crowded and has a high PageRank . And make an account there according to applicable regulations .
Login , and then start posting premises include a link to the page you want to optimization .
You will get backlinks and some traffic , but it was passable once to your blog . Especially if you get a user and an article in one of the top popular Social Bookmarks , then you create a page that can be mounted on the Homepage of the Social Bookmark . Of course backlinks and link juice points that you can be very much larger.
The weakness of this methodOn Google , there are a lot of Social Bookmark which have high PageRank . But .. Homepage tall , and not pages. So , you will get a backlink from PR N / A , profit - profit can be PR 0 . That means less quality backlinks !
Looking Backlink By Commenting In ForumsThere are many forums in Indonesia and abroad , for example Kaskus , Ads - id , and others .

Collect some famous forums and crowded so in addition you get a backlink , you can also can increase your blog visitors .
Please Register ( if required ) and login , and then start posting and commenting in the thread there anywhere to include a link to your blog .
This way , you can get backlinks and visitors as well .
The weakness of this methodMost forums provide strict regulations before you put a backlink , for example, just have to make a minimum of 10 relevant posts . So if you can 10 forum , you need to post 100 threads first.
Moreover, if you post a thread that is ugly or not like another member , then you can be reviled . Worse yet , you could be banned from the forum .
How to Get Paid By Qualified BacklinkIf you choose a paid backlinks , backlink hunting chances are you lazy and lazy to post a comment ? Hahaha ..How to Get Paid By Qualified Backlink
Ok , it will not matter in my opinion .
There is a lot of merit list of backlinks and SEO services are scattered on google . SEO services will certainly very practical at all because you do not need to be commenting on blogs backlinks producer and are only waiting for the keywords you want to rank high in Google .

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