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Moringa (Moringa oleifera) in the form of a tree growing,

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) in the form of a tree growing, long-lived (perennial) with height 7-12 m. Woody stems (lignosus), tall, dirty white, thin skin, rough surfacsakaupoker.com agen poker online texas poker yang terpercayae. Simpodial branching, branches erect or oblique direction, tend to grow straight and elongated.

Compound leaves, long-stemmed, composed of alternate (alternate), leaf litter odd (imparipinnatus), young leaves are green when young - having grown dark green, ovate leaf shape, length 1-2 cm, width 1-2 cm, limp thin, blunt tip and base (obtusus), flat edge, pertulangan arrangement pinnate (pinnate), upper and lower surfaces Moringa Leaf Powder halus.Bagaimana make
Premium Moringa Leaf Powder

Premium Moringa Leaf Powder "Kelorina"

Many ask, how do I make Moringa leaf powder. Here I describe how processing Moringa leaves in Madura Kelorina Processing Unit. The processing unit is
BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAopen to the public, as a form of transparency to the public, especially Kelorina Leaf Powder users, in order to know exactly how the product is consumed it is made and served.

Premium Moringa Leaf Powder Kelorina made ​​through a long series of processes. The process begins with Moringa cultivation, harvesting and processing of leaf treatment, until the product is hygienic packaging. Moringa leaf processing circuit is much involve the poor, as the shape of our social contribution to the community.

Premium Moringa leaf powder derived from plant leaves Kelorina Kelor cultivated without using chemicals, be it fertilizers and medicines pest exterminator. This ensures the cultivation of organic chemical residues that are far below the threshold harvest the leaves. Fresh Moringa leaves are harvested in the proper time, ie when the content in the leaves are in optimum condition. Fresh leaves are harvested with petiole for good in later processing.

Leaf processing
There are many methods of processing Moringa leaf Moringa Leaf Powder to make. Different processing methods will produce the nutrient content of different end products. In fact, the processing of which one can eliminate all the essential nutrients contained in the value of Moringa leaves.

We realize that people want to consume the main purpose of Moringa Leaf Powder is hoping to benefit from the intake of exceptional nutritional value it contains. Therefore, our main principle in processing Moringa leaves are maintaining their nutritional value Moringa leaves, ranging from harvest until the end of the product packaging

Processing of Moringa leaf Moringa Leaf Powder to make our Premium method, consists of several processing stages as follows:

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