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Ever woken up from sleep , but it's hard to move or scream ?

Ever woken up from sleep , but it's hard to move or scream ? Relax, you're not being bullied delicate creatures . It's a scientific explanation Hosting Murah Berkualitas
Sleep Paralysis
According to the medical , circumstances when people will sleep or waking up feeling like a strangled breathlessness , chest tightness , difficulty moving and hard body called sleep paralysis aka screaming sleep paralysis ( because the body can not move and seemed paralyzed ) . Almost everyone has experienced it . At least once or twice in his life .
Sleep paralysis can happen to anyone , male or female . And the average age of the first time this sleep disorder is 14-17 years . This squeezing aka sleep paralysis can indeed take place in a matter of seconds to minutes . Interestingly , when squeezing occurs we often experience hallucinations , such as seeing a black shadow figure or around the bed . Not surprisingly , this phenomenon is also often associated with the occult .
In the Western world , a phenomenon often referred squeezing nightmare Inkubus or old hag by shadow form that appears . There is also a feeling of seeing a foreign secret agents or aliens . While in some medieval paintings , squeezing evil spirit depicted by the figure of a woman occupying the chest until he fears and difficulty breathing .
According to Al Cheyne , researchers from the University of Waterloo , Canada , sleep paralysis , is a kind of hallucination due to malfunctions in the stage of sleep rapid eye movement ( REM ) .
As knowledge , based on brain waves , sleep is divided into 4 stages . Stages it is the lightest stage of sleep ( we are still semi-conscious ) , a deeper stage of sleep , the deepest sleep and REM stages . This is where dreams occur .
When the condition of the body is too tired or lack of sleep , brain waves are not supposed to follow the stages of sleep . So , from the waking state ( when going to bed ) to the lightest stage of sleep , then immediately jump into a dream ( REM ) .
When the brain is suddenly awakened from REM stage but the body is not , this is where sleep paralysis occurs . We feel very conscious , but the body can not move . Plus the hallucinations appeared another figure which is actually a characteristic of the dream .
In addition , sleep paralysis can also be
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caused by something that can not be controlled . As a result , appeared stressed and carried over into the dream . The working environment has also affected . For example , you work in shifts so that lack of sleep or have irregular sleep patterns .

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