Kamis, 28 November 2013

Update Terbaru Theme Blogger Percuma My BlogShop Pro v1.1

Latest Fail My Blogshop Pro v1.1 theme may dimuaturun themes in the introduction page in http://www.trikseo.net/2013/03/myblogshop-pro-for-himher-tema-kedai.html . Speech given really great . Our party can take a little time obat telat bulan to rate the level of e - commerce blogger theme is typical for you .
Examples of related products on each product page / post .
Between penambaikan run on the theme of My Blogshop Pro v1.1 are : -

Pack code now .
Adding related products on each product page .
Eject links and ATOM feeds .
Kemaskini code for responsive background image .
Now the exposure may activate the zoom Fancybox on gallery page ( main )

In addition, the tutorial is also provided, may be utilized and facilitate as well as additional assistance pemasanangan theme My blogshop Pro . She may be obtained at http://www.trikseo.net/2013/03/kaedah-pasang-myblogshop-pro-himher.html .
In order to maintain a blog theme tutorial kepenggunaan the shop , you desired to obtain the typical keyword to unlock the full tutorial . Easy to accept keyword ( password ) continue to e - mail your sake only !
Aside from that , the latest theme blogshop also being carried out with various widgets smart aid , make your blog not just the usual blogshop , even intimate lookups users and also enjin . The distinction between blogshop theme is : -

alat bantu sex Checkout the purchase of products by e-mail invoices to customers and shop owners .
Auto notification of receipt of order and order to the e - mail .
Minimalist design with appropriate loading blogshop .
Responsive design , according to berbabgai saiz saiz screens screens of PCs , Laptops , iPad to iPhone so that the small screens of mobile .
Styling ready bina like butang ( button ) , form , image responsive and so brought in with the theme ( pre - installed ) .
Design Thank You page after checkout by the customer at his own blogshop .
Not menggunakakn form of perkhidtaman 3rd , ( 3rd Party Services)
The rate and extent of meta tags ERROR 404 page for value -added achievement enjin lookups .
and more ...

Examples of notifications and invoices auto use themes latest blogshop
You may prebiu blosghop in http://my-blogshop-tool.blogspot.com/ . Any questions , please point out in the comments in the past few minutes mahpun Contact Us at the top of our blog .
Making on-line shop more easily and professionally endorsed by the Blogger in vain . So many greeting berkempen !

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