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Catfish commonly found in public waters as wild fish.

Catfish commonly found in public waters as wild fish. Many captured in reservoirs, lakes, swamps, rivers, and waterways up to the paddy fields. In Indonesia, cork fish originally found only in the west line of Wallacea (Sumatra, Java, and Borneo). But in the course of time, fish introduced cork (included) to eastern Indonesia. In some areas through the flow of rivers such as in Sumatra and Kalimantan, catfish often brought flooding to the trenches around the Pembuatan Iklan Baris house, or into the maintenance of fish ponds and become pests that prey fish pet. If the rice fields, pond or ditch dries up, the fish will seek to move to another place, or if unavoidable, will bury themselves in the mud to place it back watery. Therefore, these fish often encountered "walk" on land, especially at night in summer looking for another place that still runny. Catfish can survive without water because it can absorb free oxygen breathing on a ventilator in the form of "maze". How to Control Fish Farming Fish Cork with Cork Usually these fish grabbing prey on the surface so that if it gets into another fish pond presence immediately known. The fish cork that will grab the prey usually silent around the water plant (making it invisible to prey) and suddenly hurtling directly toward their prey and swallow it. Large mouth allows for it. In the breeding season, male and female catfish cooperate prepare nests among the plants at the edge of the water. Children fish red orange black stripes, swim in groups working together to and fro in search of food. This young group is maintained by its parent. This is the best time to catch / expel the cork out of the pool. To prevent the entry of cork to the pool, at the time of processing, the pond should be completely dried up cracked so it does not allow the cork to survive. Let the bottom of the pool sun dried for a few days. At the inlet canal, mounted on the filter fibers are very tight so the seeds and eggs of cork does not go in the pool with the water flow. If there are fish in the pond already cork, should be immediately arrested. Population is usually not so much. Can use traditional cork fished with bait such as small fish, frogs or eating children. The fishing is quite unique way, namely by moving the bait on the surface of the water. Bait is usually struck cork moves as presumed prey. Corks are caught can be consumed because it tastes good and is a favorite food in some areas both in the form Jasa Pembuatan Iklan Baris of fresh or dried / salted. Even this fish is easy once obtained, can be bought in the market, even in the stalls around the dwelling. But if they know the origin of the fish. Of course not everyone know, including how to cultivation.

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