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Clever raise morale and motivation

Clever raise morale and motivation Men are more interested in finding a woman who knows how to raise morale and motivate when he needs it.
14. Sophisticated Women are good at adjusting to the changing times but still perpetuate traits noble Islamic women and close the genitals.
15. Having a meaningful equation One day, Imam Malik was surprised to see the birds Pigeons and crows gather together. He spontaneously said, "Both are united though not the same kind". When the bird flew, he saw that both of them are still there similarities both defects. Then he said, "That is why the bird can be united".
16. Forgiving Women who like to precede AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  apologized although he is innocent, has peribadi superior and easy to love man.
17. Balanced Balanced in terms of association, religion, take care of yourself, and time management. Create Momod n Mimid permission to make a thread,,,,, this is the first thread ane,,,, please input,,,,, at the rate if necessary,,, as long as not in love brick aja,,, if that ijo2 dg gladly accepted
immediately wrote well,,, In this modern era that increasingly more difficult to find the figure of a girl who is a virgin ... ane here just to explain some characteristic features that still perwan Cewk viewed from the outside only physical shape gan,,,, ceki dot. ..
nich buath guy "please try jngan smpe miscast!! Hehe * ^ _ ^ * The characteristics of Virgin Girl
To see a girl is a virgin or not, agan not need to see it as the first night. There are some physical features in the body of a woman is a virgin. Want to know what characteristics?
1. Forehead
For women who are virgins will have a smooth and slippery forehead. And if not sacred anymore then it would appear that is not so visible twitch and vague. These characteristics help distinguish the twitch because usia.Kedutan because it was not a virgin, faintly visible and can be seen clearly when laughing or talking.
2. Eye.
The first feature we can see in his eyes. If the woman was not a virgin bottom eyelid folds and there is little sign of bruising (black) like a bruise. There are additional lines or wrinkles. Whereas if it is still holy eyes glow brightly.

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