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Marker installation: the aim to sustain the plants during fruiting

Marker installation: the aim to sustain the plants during fruiting, made of bamboo height: 125 cm width 4 cm, 2 cm thick. Plugged straight every 3 plants in a row. From marker to marker associated with bamboo as high as 80 cm from the surface tanah.Pemasangan performed after 1 month old plants after moving.
Perempelan: Is a discharge side shoots as shoot growth is not productive and will interfere with growth, performed at 7-20 day old chili, made by removing all side shoots and terminated when the branch formed (usually done 2-3 times). Next is the
Hotel Murah Di Jakarta  first flower of perempelan sidelines of the first branching. The goal is to stimulate the growth of shoots and branches that produce fruit on it
Fertilization aftershocks: Although pepper plant has been cultivated in total, but to enrich the prime pertumbuhanyang can be given additional fertilizer (sususlan), when the active phase of vegetative growth (leaves and shoots) Adala fertilizer leaf N content is high, for example Multimicro and Comlesal liquid. The interval between spraying fertilizer made 10-14 days, with a dose corresponding to spur growth labelnya.Untuk flowers and fruit, at the age of 50 days can be in the form of NPK fertilizer or mixed aftershocks ZA, Urea, TSP and KCL with a ratio of (1:1: 1:1) as + 4 tablespoons. How to pierce MPHP between 4 plants. The fertilizer incorporated into the soil and directly sprayed water to quickly dissolve. Fertilization is then performed if the chili crop growing conditions less satisfactory due to pest or disease at a dose of NPK as much as 4-5 kg ​​dissolved in 200 liters of water (1 drum) and then drained on each plant as many as 300-500 cc or dependent needs.
Perform 2 weeks. Hybrid pepper varieties generally could fruitful long enough, so it can be harvested 12-14 times. After each harvest should be given supplementary fertilizer to maintain his productivity. Type or a mixture of NPK fertilizer is ZA, Urea, TSP, KCl in the ratio 1: 1: 1: 1. In the plant growth conditions pretty good chili, supplementary fertilizer once a month is enough.
F. Control of Plant Pests and Diseases
Control of pests and plant diseases can be done by giving fungicide, insecticide by spraying regularly. Another effort is the possibility of weeds and weeding out routine and periodic monitoring of the plant, so that when the symptoms of pests and diseases can be resolved as early as possible.
G. Harvest and Postharvest
Curly red chili crop in the lowlands can already harvested the first time at the age of 70-75 days after planting. While the first harvesting time untSosok Java pepper (chili, Long Pepper, Indonesian Long Pepper, Piper longum, Piper retrofractum), similar to pepper (Piper nigrum), cubeb (Piper cubeba), and betel (Piper betle), because four of these plants is still the one genus. The genus piper itself consists of 1000 to 2000 species of plants, such as shrubs, herbs and climbers. Four species of piper was a climbing herb that grows in the ground, but the stem is attached to the stems of other plants with roots adhesion. After planting medium dipers
Inspirasi Kesetiaan bersama Cap Kaki Tiga
iap right, then we are ready to advance to the next stage.
At this stage, prepare the seed and water mixed with liquid fertilizer and / or hormones (see type Be-Natural Fertilizer products). The procedure is as follows:

Seeds soaked in a mixture of liquid fertilizer and hormones
Prepare or buy chili or vegetable seeds in seed sellers like Trubus. You can make their own seeds, for example, by buying a full ripe peppers, and sun-dried or dried seeds.
Take 1 cc Liquid fertilizers or hormones (tenth contents of the bottle cap), and mixed with 100 ml of water (could use a glass Aqua).
Soak the seeds are there in a Liquid Fertilizer mix with water for 1 hour earlier. Seeds that float are not used alias discarded because it is not good. Take the seeds sink. See the picture.
2 grain planting seeds into the hole that was created in the gutter. Seeds are more stunted growth revoked, so that larger seeds grow well. See pictures of how the seed is planted into a hole in the gutter.
chili seeds

In a period of 5 days is usually the first leaves of plants already issued. At this time, perform the following procedure:

When the plants put out leaves more than 2 sheets and strong enough, spray the leaves with a mixture of 8 cc + 2 cc Liquid Fertilizer Fertilizer Hormones with 1 liter of water. Use atomizer plant.
Spray with a mixture of Liquid Fertilizer and Fertilizer Hormones with this water every 5 days until the plants put out flowers. The best time is early morning spraying between the hours of 6 s / d 9 in the morning or late afternoon between the hours of 4 to 6 pm.
Spray Liquid Fertilizer and hormone mix it regularly (5 days) to issue a fruit crops, such as peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and others. Dipersering spraying frequency could be 2 or 3 times a day.
Here is a picture of a 5 day old pepper plants put out 2 pieces of leaf, pepper plants age of 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months and when pepper plants put out fruit, and when the plants begin to mature and chili red. Pepper plants put out leaves of pepper plants Plant 2 weeks 1 month 2 months chilli plants Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online TerpercayaHARVEST STAGE
Planting chili, Business CabeDalam existing examples, which we plant the seeds of chili or cayenne, then within a period of less than 3 months, had a lot of chili red and ready for harvest.

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