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Secrets bring fruit out of season is only known by a few people .

Secrets bring fruit out of season is only known by a few people . Yet so many people who really want to know this technology , including you . Of the few people who knows the secret , only a small percentage who understands e AGEN JUDI CASINO ONLINE SBOBET 338A INDONESIA TERPERCAYA

xactly this technology and apply it appropriately . Many events after successfully engendered by dense trees , but then growth is languishing even death . This secret will share that fruit trees and planters that the "victim " can be reduced . Here's the "secret " is exposed .
Technology raises fruit out of season , called the technology off - season . The purpose of this technology is twofold , first is purely economic motives aimed at raising fruits commodity prices much higher than when the season - on- season . The second goal is more idealistic , the application of compliance policies food fruits available all year community order . Commodities fruits that have been proven successful in the application of technology is the off - season : longan , durian , mango , apple , orange and guava .
The purpose of the off - season application of technology first - motives - do economy is closely related to the characteristics of different products agobisnis commodities with other commodities . Agribusiness easily damaged products , bio - mass has a large , need a place for storage and transport a broad , diverse product results / multi grade ( Gumbira , 2001) . Where if you're on- the harvest season , fruits such as no costs , sold at very cheap prices . Being when not in season , fruit with the same quality and quantity sold for many times more expensive . No concrete examples on commodity mango , citrus and durian
Interesting phenomenon associated with the Food Quality Assurance ( Food Safety ) , occurs in the fruit business , for example when no se JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAason or Ponkam Lokam orange with a very poor quality ( off - grade ) stay depleted invaded buyers . With fruit can be engendered throughout the season , the availability of pieces will be evenly distributed throughout the year by a considerable amount . So that consumers still obtain good quality fruit at reasonable prices .
For people who already know the technology off - season , this is a very interesting business opportunity . But often to get the maximum benefit of this technology is not applied wisely , especially if the implement is clan - pengijon traders , middlemen and contractors . One example of the application of technology that does not happen to many wise people of mango plantations in Apex, Ngawi , Situbondo , Probolinggo and Pasuruan . Where long before start of the mango season pengijon 've come to the farmers / growers of mango , mango they sign - mengijon higher than the usual market price , farmers absurdly happy , a great advantage in his mind .
Then after the deal , the pengijon applying plant growth regulators ( PGR ) , which stop the vegetative phase and raises the generative phase of flowers and fruit . Usually the PGR application will bear fruit mango fruit forward two months before the season is very dense and very fruitful . Pengijon big profits , because in addition to the price of mango many times , the quantity of production of mango too many times . Farmers argued that pengijon were lucky to arrive beja , Javanese language - because of natural grace . Farmers realized when after harvest mango trees are not grown dashed soon recovered and new shoots . Mango tree is increasingly miserable , leaves much to dry up, fall or curl , wrinkle and lop break easily ( brittle ) , weak plant resistance ( susceptible to pests and diseases ) , and the harvest often be because the tree is the last harvest eventually die .

SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014  Off - season variety of technologies .
Actually, at the time of our first champion - champion off - season technology has been applied , among others, but by mechanical means such as by way of :
1 . Slices : cut off the phloem vessels ( bark ) along the circular tree rings to look the xylem vessels ( wood ) .
2 . Pruning : Trim the leaves , branches and twigs , up or left a little bare tree leaves .
3 . Wounding : Traumatic phloem vessels with a sharp object . The form can with curry , chopping , slicing nailing or bark .
4 . Binding : Binds tightly to a tree with wire transport phloem vessels inhibited photosynthesis results .
5 . Stressing water : Not watering the plants until they reach the permanent wilting point , then suddenly did inundation root and stem to the water saturation within a certain time .
Fifth conventional technology off - season is , in principle, is to change the ratio of the elements carbon ( C ) and nitrogen ( N ) - C / N ratio in the plant body . The conventional way is to have a weakness that is not measurable . If you happen to fit the application , but if not yes successfully fit ya fail . In berbudidaya conventional way is not recommended , because it can not provide certainty in addition , can also result in physical damage and physiological tree .
( Read related article : How the C / N ratio Determining Flowering )
How current are measured and the most preferred is the use of agro - chemicals , the active ingredient in the form of plant growth regulators ( PGR ) . In principle this technology agro - chemical plant physiological change by inhibiting the v Forum terbesar di indonesiaegetative growth phase with the role of hormones or certain chemical compounds , so it appears the generative phase - flowers and fruit ( Superior Suroso , 2008) .
Plants that want to be engendered in the off-season must fulfill three important prerequisites , namely :

Healthy plants , with marked branching evenly , shiny dark green leaves and is not being attacked by pests or diseases .
Plants are old enough or have ever flowering . Flowering underage can lead to disruption of vegetative growth resulting posture plants become stunted and unhealthy .
More plants are not in the main phase of vegetative growth accelerated in the Java language called tight ( read e vowel as in the word : sword ) . Characterized by an absence : the growth of new shoots and leaves of plants ( dashed ) .
The application of PGR
Basically , each sub - plant families have different PGR , PGR although there can be a significant influence on some flowering plants. PGR is used to bring out of season flowers include: NAA , Auxin , Gibberelin , and Potassium Chlorate Paklobutrazol ( KCLO3 ) .
Sodium NAA ( Naphthyl Acetic Acid / Acetic Acid Naftali ) , is jens PGR that have utility in unison to encourage flowering plants. With a concentration of 5-10 ppm is sprayed onto the entire plant , especially the leaf stomata are proven to bring flowers .
Auxin specifically rarely traded with a particular trademark , because the price per miligramnya very expensive . Belong to the lab materials that can be found in stores chemicals . Auxin is used in small doses , parts per million ( ppm ) , serves to stimulate cell renewal , the formation of flowers and fruit , root growth in cuttings , extend the growin
Kursus SEO dan Internet Marketing Terbaik di Jakartag point and prevent the fall of the leaves and fruit .
Previous Gibberelin also includes material dipergunkan expensive laboratory and in small doses such as auxin , but is now widely sold in the market in the form of suspensions , with brands such as: ProGibb and Super Gib . If want Gibberelin can be obtained at the store of pure chemicals with GA3 or GA6 code . Gibberelin serves to make plants bloom before its time , making large fruit plants without seeds , make a plant so massive , accelerating the growth of seeds and buds and stimulate the activity of the cambium . Both auxin and gibberelin be particularly useful for seasonal crops such as peppers , melons , watermelons and pumpkins .
Paklobutrazol brand names in the market such Patrol , Cultar , Goldstar . PGR is working to stop the vegetative phase and accelerated phase generative . Overuse can lead , brittle stems and branches , leaves curl and vegetative growth may stop ( stagnant ) up to 3 years . Proven effective used on crops such as mango , apple , guava , citrus and durian .
Potassium Chlorate ( KCLO3 ) . Chemicals are still close relative with explosives used Amrozi . in the Bali bombing , in divided doses has been shown to raise interest . The success of flowering experiments conducted in Thailand , has now been used in mass for commodities litchi ( longan Dimocarpus ) and lychee ( Litchi chinensis ) .
In addition to PGR PGR - mentioned above , there are also products to bring off - season fruits that are presented in an integrated manner . The composition contains not only the PGR but also amino acids , macro elements with a certain ratio of NPK and micronutrients ( Mg , Mn , B , Zn ) that plants need during flowering and fruit filling . This was done to ensure the trees are engendered in the off-season will not lack the nutrient
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014s needed . Trade mark on the market there are various kinds of such , to produce litchi there Narin Formula originating from Thailand or Farmpion Champion Booster and made ​​in Malaysia , which can be found at farm stores like : Hortimart AgroCenter Bawen - Semarang and Trubus - Unggaran .

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