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Among today's society, we often hear the term website

Among today's society, we often hear the term website. Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online
But not many people know how to make a website. In general, people who want to make a website, learn more about their specialized knowledge, among others, are as follows:

WEB programming (PHP, JSP, ASP, etc.).
Client Side Programming (JavaScript, VBScript, etc.)
Graphic Design (Photoshop, Corel, etc.)
Software for layouts (Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, etc.)
And to learn all of this takes a very long time and the process is so exhausting. In conclusion, a lot of things we need to know before creating a website. To that end, here I AKN provide the easiest way how to make a website? That is by using Joomla! Is it Joomla?
Maybe for those who are not familiar with joomla, joomla is very foreign to them. But once we get to know and learn, we will know how easy a website was created simply by using joomla.
Broadly speaking and palpable, Joomla! consists of three basic elements, namely the web server (webserver), PHPMySql scripts. The web server is assumed to be connected to the Internet / Intranet that serves as a service provider sites. PHP scripts consist of program code in PHP language and pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar content databases are stored. Joomla uses Apache as the web server and MySQL database addressable. and database.
In addition to the ease in making it, many other facilities other than this Joomla, among others, are as follows:

Free (Free or Free)
Learning joomla do not need to pay that much. Because Joomla can be obtained simply by downloading via the Internet without any cost at all.

Ease To Manage Website Content
Joomla is easier to use and managed as in Joomla has been given the facilities to make it easier for Web site developers using Joomla as well as manage them.

Ease Changing Website Content Display
Display or commonly called Joomla template is so large and varied in accordance with the Joomla version we use.
That convenience afforded Joomla. pasang iklan online Here are the ways to make Joomla. Before we create a website using Joomla, we must first have a domain and hosting, for hosting us can get by buying a cheap webhosting free hosting registering >> HERE <<. to serve our DOMAIN Cheap Domain registration services (INTUIT.com) price of only Rp20 thousand / domain, if interested CLICK HERE. And if we want to run joomla in our local PC must first be installed a xampp for Windows and we can use LAMP for linux.
Download XAMPP
Before installing Joomla, we need a server, so that Joomla can be installed and run on a local computer without having to connect to the Internet.
How to install are as follows
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Double-click the icon you have XAMPP or right click on the file it open XAMPP.

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