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Ciri Wanita Perawan dan Tidak Perawan

To see a girl is a virgin or not, you do not need to see it as the first night. There are some physical features in the body of a woman is a virgin. Want to know what characteristics pembesar penis vimax alami ?
1. Forehead For women who are virgins will have a smooth and slippery forehead. And if not sacred anymore then it would appear that is not so visible twitch and vague. These characteristics help distinguish the twitch because of age. Twitch because it was not a virgin, faintly visible and can be seen clearly when laughing or talking.
2. Eye The first feature we can see in his eyes. If the woman was not a virgin bottom eyelid folds and there is little sign of bruising (black) like a bruise. There are additional lines or wrinkles. obat pembesar vimax ramuan Whereas if it is still holy eyes glow brightly.
3. Nose Seoarang girl who is still sacred from the touch of the man masher, have physical characteristics on the nose. What is it? namely the nose tip visible characteristic reddish. As for the girls who are not virgins will have a red color but paler.
4. Cheek If the girl is still a virgin then red cheeks will excite and fresh. If a woman is often kissed his cheek into effect is not red anymore. Other characteristics can be seen if a woman is not a virgin cheek of transverse lines which are not so obvious.
5. Ear A woman who have not been touched by man can also be seen in the ear characteristics. For women the virgin ears will be appear smooth and clean. While ear in women who are not virgins will be a little flat. Since the time of night frequently bitten.

Signs / Physical Characteristics of Women Not ramuan obat pembesar vimax Virgin
According to some experienced man saying there are a lot of signs / physical characteristics of a girl / woman who was not a virgin without having to look "into" enough of Physical outward:

This is what the most powerful, eye near the nose tip Legok inward.
Hair thin edge of the temple and the ear is not standing.
Arm (near the shoulder) is not thin.
The edge of the visible hemisphere Thigh alias is not round anymore.
Visible veins on the legs (not varicose)
If the little finger is held directly in a cold sweat and Salting (SalahTingkah)
Shape buttocks which inclines upward nonggeng not fall down again (only horse who had never ridden the same posture that has not changed)
If adjacent / touching her body heat easily.
Putting breasts were not large.
When touched "pubic" will feel very sensitive, taking out a small little cries.
In few tips, if a girl wants to jasa pembuatan website know what the disease does not just watch Sex smell his breath does not smell ANTIBIOTICS what, by way of his mouth when antibiotics sign odor smell like girls / women who have been exposed to venereal disease is quite serious.

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