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Cara Meningkatkan Trafik Blog atau Website

How to increase blog or website traffic - pembesar penis vimax solo traffic is important for bloggers. Even many people who think that traffic is the lifeblood of a blog. Traffic is also a popular benchmark for whether or not a blog. Blogs or websites that traffic would not have made the author a long time to accomplish because they feel appreciated by Internet users. But how to increase blog traffic?

Lots of tips and tricks to increase blog traffic is spread on the internet, we just need to choose which one is right for tips on our blog. There have been many SEO experts who share their knowledge about how to increase traffic to our blog.

Well, we've agreed that traffic is a very important thing for a blog or website. Well it is time we discuss how to increase traffic to your blog or website, especially for a blog that was new alias Unyu-Unyu.

How to increase blog traffic

1. Submit your blog to search engines

The first thing you need to do to attract more visitors to your blog is to submit your blog to various search engines available. Objective submit blog to search engines is that the article on our blog can be indexed by search engines. With submit to the search engines means we have incorporated our blog in the search engines directories. Some of the most popular search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo!

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2. Keyword
obat pembesar penis The second thing that is crucial is to choose keywords that will chase you through your blog. Choose keywords that many people search via the search engine. Keywords that are sought will make your blog visited by many people and that is the essence of how to increase blog traffic. SEO optimization of your blog that you write articles that can penetrate the first page of Google search results. Put a blog on Google's first page position guarantees more people will visit your blog, but it was very difficult because thousands of other bloggers to do the same.

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3. Create compelling content

Creating compelling content is how to increase blog traffic is easy bother. For content that is interesting not only to be original but also something that is sought by Internet users. The problem is to make writing interesting ideas do not come any time. But if you are a blogger who has a lot of unique and creative ideas, you can put it in your blog. Google likes blogs that have a unique and interesting articles as well as the original. Content is the King.

4. SEO Optimization

Once you make an interesting article, the next thing you have to do is SEO optimization. SEO optimization is very important to increase traffic blog or website. Nice and interesting article if it does not appear on the first page of Google will be hard to find someone else. Good writing but not his SEO optimized well be defeated by article unremarkable but good SEOnya optimization. So do your best for SEO optimization of your blog.

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5. Routine update article

The more regularly you write an article, the more likely you are to increase your blog traffic. Blogs are frequently updated Google Bot will make a routine visit and to crawl your blog pages. In addition, the increasing number of posts are also increasingly multiply keywords that would eventually impact on increased traffic blog or website.

Well, if you are lacking SEO Optimization techniques to run smoothly, you can still get a lot of traffic to your blog in the following ways:

6. Take advantage of social media

Nowadays who does not know social media? Almost everyone has a wisata pulau pramuka agent Facebook and Twitter account. As a blogger you must have an account on the two largest networks in the world. Facebook has more than 1 billion users, if there is only 0.000001 of Facebook users visiting your blog. Twitter also is currently booming, you should use Twitter to get a lot of traffic and try to get a lot of retweets of your tweets so that more people will visit your blog.

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7. Take advantage of social bookmarking

In addition to social media, also use social bookmarking sites to increase your blog traffic. Feel free to submit articles to various social bookmarks. Advantages submit articles on social bookmarking in addition to a visit from fellow users, can also get quality backlinks from the social bookmarking site.

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8. Active on forums

Online forums are a place where people gather and share mayorias information and latest news. Well if you want to increase traffic to your blog drastically, you also try to participate in online forums. In Indonesia, the best online forum to share the article was Kaskus, Indowebster, and Compass Forum.

9. Blogwalking

This method is somewhat archaic and old-fashioned but still very significant to help your blog get a lot of traffic. Blogwalking reason is often done by the bloggers is to improve ties among the bloggers, can also increase traffic blog or website. Usually bloggers whose blogs will visit back to visit. Well this is a reciprocal visit will increase traffic blog / website.

10. Take advantage of question and answer site

Actually, I have not tried these tips, but after seeing a lot of bloggers who have benefited from the question and answer site I was finally entering active question and answer site can increase traffic blog or website. Yahoo! answer is that a lot wisata of question and answer sites bring traffic to blogger blog.

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11. Comment

In addition to high traffic, popular blog is indicative of the large number of comments on the blog. Especially for blogspot users, try your comment boxes can be filled by 'everyone'. Because if only through the usually lazy Google account to comment. Moreover, many bloggers are too many notifications and rules for commenting, let people commented what it is. Based on the opinion of the world is also a master of SEO can improve the SEO article comments on the blog.

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