Jumat, 13 Desember 2013

Based on the description of the suspect who had an abortion Ina that it was Dr. Grace Wijadja

Commissioner Yulhendri said it has set some accused persons in the case of abortion tersebbut . Yulhendri also explains , the case uncovered when police received a report of a resident , who stated in Mulya Medika Clinic have found a woman named Ina Damayanti , obat aborsi residents Bojonegara and had an abortion on Sunday ( 2/6 ) ago . The lapran Armed police finally move and capture Ina and Mulyati in the clinic . Polsi immediately conduct an examination of Ina , admitted to having an abortion .
Based on the description of the suspect who had an abortion Ina that it was Dr. Grace Wijadja . Fetal outcomes of abortion has been buried on Sunday ( 2 / 06 ) , "said Yulhendri , Thursday ( 6/6 ) .
He explained that it had examined a number of witnesses from the abortion case and the police with forensic teams from Serang Police digging in the cemetery where the fetus is located in Kampung Pelawad . The results of the excavation of three pits , members of the Police and forensic teams Ciruas managed to find as many as 5 fetuses , a shroud , and 4 plastic bags .
Is the premature exit of the products of conception ( the fetus , fetal membranes , and placenta ) from the uterus . and a is the loss of a pregnancy and does not refer to why pregnancy is missing . Spontaneous abortion is the same as abortion . Miscarriage 3 or more consecutive pregnancy called habitual abortion .If we define Medical Abortion by definition , the following understandingis not new in human society . Abortion is ending the life of the mother's womb . Medical definition given above . Religion by definition is simply the killing of a baby in the mother's womb , and the offense shall not kill .Abortion is one of the most difficult subjects , jual obat aborsi controversial and painful in modern society . The main controversy revolves around the questions that make decisions about abortion , individual or country ; under what circumstances might be done , and who is able to make decisions . Medical questions such as abortion techniques are less controversial but sometimes part of a larger debate .Abortion is not a new thing in human society , a study by anthropologist George Devereux , showed that more than 300 contemporary human nonindustrial societies practiced abortion . Women have had abortions themselves or abortion experienced at the hands of other people for thousands of years and abortions continue to occur today in the development of the area under primitive medical conditions . However , modern technology and social change have made abortion a part of modern health care . At the same time , abortion has become a political issue in some communities and the flash point for disagreement about the role of women and individual autonomy in the decisions of life investasi murah .

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