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Young plants are already in the maintenance of the land needs to be c
Kakakdewa.com Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercayahecked whether the growing dgnbaik . If there is a dead plant or grow ugly , should be embroidered . Weeding should be conducted . Weeds grow revoked or dikored . Weeding time no need to wait until the grass grows large or many . Ni weeds when the plants are even more dangerous because they mada competitiveness plant roots to absorb nutrients is still very low . The flowers grow to be discarded . If not then the fresh shoots of production will decrease . Flower buds discarded once a week while doing the trimming . Arrange to be compact & branching shoots of growth will not lopsided , but equally in all directions. Manure fertilization dose given was 10 tons / ha . Basil needs additional menbisa much fertilizer containing nitrogen , urea sepeni . Elements essential to stimulate perlumbuhan ni basil leaves continuously . Fertilization is done during the first 3 weeks old plants . Fertilization second 5 -week old plants . Whenever picking , give 3 g of nitrogen fertilizer per plant . Urea fertilizer requirements for the basil plant is 150 kg / ha .
Pests & Diseases
Basil plant pest attack is very little . Even farmers are very rare basil insecticide spraying . Spraying ni dihindr because it feared the residue remains on the leaves harvested regularly . However , when the larvae attack the leaves of basil found in large quantities , can be done dgninsektisida control Azodrin 20-30 cc / 1 water ; or Diazinon 60 EC dgndosis 1-2 cc / 1 air.Tumbuhan basil ( Ocimum Canum ) is certainly very familiar to us because most of the people we use as a complementary dish of basil plants Indonesian archipelago . As well as the distinctive fragrance of the leaves are green and fresh look makes us always tempted by the various types of dishes that are equipped with basil leaves . Sometimes basil leaves are also commonly used as vegetables in some areas in Indonesia such as West Java , Central Java , and Yogyakarta .
In addition to adding flavor to dishes , basil leaves also proved to have many benefits that are very good for health . The number value
CMCPoker.com AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE , AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA of the benefit that is owned by basil plants into the background of our society that many began to grow basil plants . So, what are the things to consider in terms of cultivating basil ? Let us refer to the following information .

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