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The different types Marmorata eel and eel fish Bicolor

Read MoreThe different types Marmorata eel and eel fish BicolorPosted by thechand true sevenfold on 10:05 with No commentsSometimes we often hear the term eel and eel bico
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lor marmorata, of those who experienced surely know the difference between these two types of eels that are popular in Indonesia for now, for those who have experienced please just skip to another article on the death of boredom read this, hehehe ... eel / Anguilla Marmorata Not all who read this will know the different types of eel marmorata ...Read More[Control of Pests and Diseases of Fish eel]Posted by thechand true sevenfold on 09:58 with No commentsDuring the eel aquaculture there are some health problems in the eel among other pests and diseases that require control as follows. 1. Pests According Liviawaty and Afrianto (1998), eel pest organisms that are capable of causing large disturbances or eating eel. Pests can act as predators who are preying mainly on glass eel stadia. There are also nature ...Read MorePosted by thechand true sevenfold on 23:19 with 2 commentsHow to Fish Farming Fish eel eel (Anguilla bicolor), including familiAnguillidae, Apodes order. Indonesia's estimated there are at least five (5) types of eel fish, namely: Anguilla encentralis, A. bicolor bicolor, A. borneonsis, A. Bicolor Pacifica, and A. celebensis. Eels fish may not be known by many people here. But, in many countries eel so food was very expensive prima donna. Export demand ... How to Start a Fish Farming And Picture Largest eel. The choice to start the cultivation of animals, especially those that will be discussed this time is admin fish farming it very much. As previously shared admin article like catfish, tilapia farming, cultivation of carp, catfish farming, cultivation of koi fish, ornamental fish farming, fish farming louhan, carp aquaculture and fish farming cork.
Demand for fish in the market will certainly continue to exist, and this is a good opportunity for us who have the desire to start their own business. Examples of small businesses for fish farming buddy reader should take into account, because it could be out of this business buddy readers will find the path of success.
giant eel
In Indonesia, there are at least six types of eel (Anguilla sp), namely Anguilla marmorata, celebensis Anguilla, Anguilla ancentralis, borneensis Anguilla, Anguilla bicolor bicolor and Anguilla bicolor pacifica.
In domestic eel does not occupy a great position, because they were very expensive but in Japan, Macau, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, eel fish is a fish is
PokerVoVo.com Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia a lot of rage. Besides popular because of high nutrient content is very fantastic price eel, eel fish dishes in Japanese restaurants can reach 400 thousand one serving, so the eel business opportunity is great for the occupied.

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